My name is Anna and I'm from Malaysia. I'm half Japanese and half Malaysian. I'm a fan of Kanjani8 and also Arashi. My favorite color on Kanjani8 is green💚 while in Arashi is my favorite color is purple💜. Besides that, I'm also a fan of Official髭男dism. My favorite member is Fujihara Satoshi (Satocchan🐨)

I'm just a new fan of both groups... But I will try hard to know them closely I'm still a student at I will busy uploading chronicle, but I will try my best to share it because I will download it as my personal keep. 

I also will upload some videos related to Kanjani8 on the community ( The Kanjani's Eden)... So I hope you will keep update if Kanjani8 has been on some promotional events or music shows. I will upload here if you want to have it, just send a request to me as my friend.

Hope we can befriend and keep sharing information about them🥰🥰


Hi Minna

I think everyone knew that Ryo has made an online live at Nippon Budokan for 2 days which are on the 7 of October and 8 of October... It contains 2 versions which is for FC members and non-FC members.

If I'm sharing the concert there anyone wants...I will start share after the archive on the website end (probably on 11 of October)

If there anyone wants..Please message me privately...cause its some private contains

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Wow...I'm just back to LJ after 2 months not updating anything except on community. Just busy for nothing as my exam finish around July... Spend more time with fandom ( just discovered new groups like SnowMan, Naniwa Danshi🤭) as might be busy when I'm entering the new semester. Just after finishing my got 2 interviews for work ( i don't know when I apply it😂😂) and also for becoming a Medical Assistant... But yeah, I didn't manage to get 2 of them so I will continue my Chemistry course ... And yeah I pass with flying color✨ , and the most happiness in my life is I got a national sponsorship😭😭. Seriously I didn't give high expectations because too limited to get it. I'm really grateful for all of this💖

I'm will be back for the new semester on the 12 of October and yeah how time flies too fast as I'm will on the 3rd semester for my course. And most exciting is this month I will turn 20🥳🥳..still can't believe I will not be teenagers anymore😂

Will try updating as much as I can and maybe some surprise for fans about fandom🤭

Take care everyone✨.always wearing a face mask, wash our hands, and use hand sanitizer. 

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Yeay.. Finally Infinity release full MV for Eito new album on their official Twitter🤩🤩🤩. I'm so excited to look forward all their new singles✨✨

So, i'm share the MV of Re:LIVE singles here as maybe some of fans didn't have Twitter

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I don't how to start it. But it's not the content that I always share here in my LJ. Yesterday was so horrible day for me. Knowing that this actor left us too soon make me realize death is regardless of age.

I don't know why people nowadays keep making someone hurt even they too innocent and didn't do anything wrong. People keep pushing them with negative comments that can make someone pride being hurt. Its to say here, not everyone is too perfect. All have some mistakes that always happen. All we can do is support them from everything. Understand them. It's just a simple thing that we can do. Hope everyone can use social media correctly and don't simply hurt anyone.

Dear Miura Haruma, I know you didn't read this post but I hope you rest well there. Be happy. I know a lot of people will miss you. Thank you for cheering our life through your acting in the drama. It's so sad to know your dream can be true. I hope you feel surrounded by much love💖


Hi everyone🤗,

As you know, I'm still a student and now I'm in the final week of this second semester. Need to do a lot of assignments and also quiz every day (tired af😥)

So, I will take temporary hiatus as I want to focus on my final exam and other studies stuff.

I will try my best to upload the chronicleF and another thing, if there are some events, has been up. Maybe I will post here, but take time to me to update it.

Just feel free to message me here or on my social media. I will still keep update to everything but not often too.

I will be back active maybe in Mid-July or end of this month as I will check my schedule of the final exam.

Hope everyone stays safe and always takes care of health. 💖💖

NO GOOD Lyrics version

Hi Minna

I just fan to Ryo-chan from him in Eito until now(can't believe he departure from Eito😖😖😖)

So, he now has collaboration with his best friend which is former Kat-tun, Jin Akanishi, and their collabs name N/A. They now doing a Youtube video called NO GOOD TV (NGTV)

As their youtube video become popular, they decided to release theme music for NGTV. The title is NO GOOD.

So, as I want to celebrate their first song collabs, I'll make video name NO GOOD lyrics version. Hope you guys enjoy it😉😉😉

As you want to hear their song, it has a lot of platforms that can access it. I will put the link to their official song distribution.

Here I also put the lyrics of the video:

Sunday ライトにシャレた気分 join with me 

キミとprivate time 

(Let’s go, Let’s go) 

Secretサインはsmileノーストレス no money too 

No mad, Go good

(Let’s go Let’s go) 


(We ‘bout to hit the town)

(Come through and shut it down) 

Don’t you worry そうノリで今 going out 

(The music playing loud)

(Watch how it moves the crowd) 

Everybody Move your body 


You can try it So everybody 


Let’s make some money 

Yes 手は上にfree 

Let’s ピークまでcount three 

ウェイクアップさぁgood day 

(Let’s go Let’s go) 

ヒップなスタイルはノーストレス no money too 

Go mad, No good babe 

(Let’s go Let’s go) 



(You can do what you like) 

(We need nobody) 

You don’t gotta worry


(The music spinning right)

(You know that it’s alright)

Everybody Move your body 


You can try it So everybody


Let’s make some money  

Everybody Move your body 


You can try it So everybody


Let’s make some money